California Tortilla

I had lunch at California Tortilla today. I had the Havana Chicken Burrito. It was very filling. As far as satisfying, I'm not so sure. It wasn't quite as tasty as Chipotle but not quite as gross as Moe's either. I'd put it squarely in the "neutral" postition on the burrito spectrum. I must say that I enjoy the impressive amount of hot sauces they have on display (which are also for human consumption).

My coworker pointed out to me that California Tortilla is actually based out of Maryland. Isn't that kind of strange? I guess it is much more of an exotic locale than say North Dakota or Wyoming. Wyoming Tortilla? I don't think so.

Pictured here are two actual California Tortilla customers at an actual California Tortilla somewhere. The one near where I live never seems to be busy but has been around for almost two years now. I have no idea how they stay in business. I predicted they would close up shop in Q4 '07. I was wrong.


Unknown said…
haha you're a creep for stealing that picture of two randoms and posting it on your blog...

and this post was really really boring. how's that for "controversy".
jed & theresa said…
It appears that your audience is calling for controversy. You'd better give it up, Yhippa.

Oh, and I definitely think Moe's is better than California Tortilla. There. I said it. The beans were hard. There was no cheese. My stomach hurts now. I'm sorry I couldn't afford a nicer birthday lunch.
Unknown said…
I'm with Sohkar, this is boring. This is exactly what i hoped for when I facetiously asked you to write about your lunch. This post really speaks to the soul-deadening power of working for Capital One and living in the far west end of Richmond.

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