Chicken Biscuit + Egg Biscuit = The Circle of Life?

Two weeks ago I happened to arrive at the fine culinary establishment known as "Sheetz." Sheetz is a national chain whose business proposition is mostly gasoline and as the trend in most gas station businesses, value-added services such as car washes and food service.

One of the marvels of this particular place is that they have a list of highly customizable menu items ranging from nachos that you can construct with as many or as little options as you choose (lettuce, peppers, etc.).

One curious abomination I ran across during this particular post-party visit was that one of my partners-in-crime was able to order a fried chicken and egg biscuit.

This brings up all sorts of ethical questions. Mother and child, all on one delicious platform. Is this the unholy union of one of nature's most sacred processes?

It really didn't weird me out at first but in retrospect it is really disturbing. I suppose technically it is all just matter in the form of human nutrition. I mean I don't question how hot dogs are made or where sausage comes from. Those are questions that will forever remain a mystery to mankind.

What was the most disturbing thing you ate?


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