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Fire Safety

I was about to head out to band practice when I heard very loud thunder. Soon after that I heard lots of fire trucks near my house. I didn't think anything of it until it kept going on for a few minutes. I stepped outside and saw all my neighbors walking to the interior of the neighborhood and three fire trucks coming in through the main road to the neighborhood. As it turns out I believe that lightning struck one of the end units of a block of townhomes. There are usually four homes in a block. I saw pretty clearly a fire in the attic and I think the fire was so hot at one point that it looked like you could almost see the roof turn orange-hot. I could be seeing things though as our roofs are made of the tar-papery stuff that you see on most houses. I got kind of nervous initially. I saw the fire blaze through the roof and the wind picked up which made it worse. Even though it didn't happen to me, just seeing something like that in person is unsettling. This fire was under c

Murder by Death

A few weeks ago I had ants in my kitchen.  To those of you who have been inside there it is no secret that it is not the cleanest place in my house.  Little bits of food are scattered here and there.  Never fear, I finally cleaned that up last weekend. When I first saw the ants I knew that this was a problem.  I don't know why ants in my kitchen are bad but it sounds like they are.  I don't want insects hanging out my food preparation area I suppose.  That sounds like a good reason! I went to Home Depot to check out what they had.  Most of the stuff sounded pretty awful.  I balked and left the store empty-handed.  Fast forward to today when I woke up and saw lots of ants crawling around my front step.  I said "screw it" and went to Wal-Mart to check out what they had. I ended up bringing back a package called "Grant's Kills Ants".  I didn't know using a sentence as your product title was effective marketing.  Anyway on the box it claims to destroy

Women and Power

Driving home tonight I was thinking about the fact that men throughout history typically exercise power through physical or direct methods.  I'm going to do some gross generalization here but women typically lack the chemistry or physiology to exert their force of will in the manner that men do.  This produces some interesting social interactions I've observed. Don't get me wrong.  This by no means women are powerless in society.  Also throughout history there are famous women (Cleopatra for example) who have risen to the top by no accident.  Women have had to learn to get power through alternate means.  Means in the form of passive-aggressive and manipulative behavior. I have observed this in various forms throughout my life.  It is pretty different in comparison to dealing with my dude friends.  Guys tend to be more direct.  If there is a disagreement they will fight or whatever then "hug it out, bitch". It is a different story with women sometimes.  They lik