Bacon + Chocolate

Bacoloate? Chacon? Whatever you call it, it is one of the rarest forms of enjoyment in the universe.
Let's start with the packaging. Standard fare for packaging as far as I'm concerned. Please make notice of the ginormous strip of bacon adorning, no, almost spooning the piece of chocolate. The child of their strange union is waiting inside.
Let's see what else is in there:

OK, nice silver wrapping. Not quite hermetically sealed but still pretty good. If you can read it, notice the "BACON EXOTIC CANDY BAR" product labelling. Truth be told I got kind of excited when I saw the word "EXOTIC" preceeded by "BACON." The candy bars are little squares:

I got tired of taking pictures so I finally dug in to the little sucker. What a treat this was, let me tell you. If you're a fan of sweet and salty products you will enjoy this. If you like chocolates with nuts you might like this as well. Honestly I didn't know what to expect upon digging in.
First you really taste the milk chocolate. I was almost searching for the bacon but I kept chewing the chocolate as I normally would. So far so good. It took a while but finally the bacon made itself known. I dont' really think it was that salty but the sweetness of the chocolate probably brought it out a lot more than if I had eaten it by itself.
The chunks of bacon are quite small, smaller than the bacon bits they put on salads in nice restauraunts but probably bigger (and more pure) than the standard bacon bits you can buy from the grocery store to put on your salad at home.
All joking aside this is one of the nicest contrasts of sweet and salty I've had in a long time. I probably didn't do it justice. I'll post a picture of the designer's thoughs about how she came about this idea. In conclusion, I highly recommend this. $7.47 after taxes at Joe's Market on Libby and Grove. Yes it's expensive, but you're paying for something really, um, unique. That's for sure.


Kate McHugh said…
DAMN I wish I'd read this before VDay - that pretty much would be Rob's wet dream so far as you can do that over chocolate... wow... I think I'll go out IMMEDIATELY and get one... oh wait - it's a Sunday. Dang Ukrops and their religion over consumerism... well check that, I"ll go out tomorrow and get one! Although for that price I might as well make my own - I could buy an entire pack of bacon and bags of chocolate for that...
Unknown said…
You know, if you really are a fan of bacon, you really should try out:

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