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Titanfall Thoughts

Introduction When I heard of the old Infinity Ward (IW) developers forming Respawn Entertainment I was both excited and a little sad.  One of my favorite online multiplayer games, the Call of Duty series was probably going to see a degradation in quality with them leaving IW and if gamers followed those developers around then that could potentially fracture the players amongst platforms and games.  Which would lead to overall less fun times. Considerations I finally borrowed the game from Gamerang.  I'm at level 12 now and after playing for about three weeks I have to say that I may like this more than Call of Duty.  To keep me honest I'll go over what I like and don't like about this game. As an aside, I think the main difference for me is that when you're playing Call of Duty (I've put in way too many hours to come to this conclusion) there is a lot of emphasis on the 1v1 game.  Because of that difference in timing due to bad connections, lag compensatio